Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Yours was the first face that I saw"

A flicker of hope passes through her eyes; she looks right then back to the road ahead. "I feel like I'm gonna get some correspondence today," her gleeful smile plastered on. Questioning of feelings and such assurance, questioning of a recurring theme day after day. 
"No, I'm hopeful I'll get some every day...but today I feel like I will." Her eyes shrink a bit to widen her reasoning on the matter, "maybe I'm just superstitious but the last time it was on a Thursday." 
Her mind begins to drift off into lands of what he does, and why he does so, why Thursday could be The day. 

"...these things take forever, I especially am slow,
But I realized how I need you..."

Thursday, September 01, 2011

"It's not supposed to feel this good"

Who knew? Not many, only two to be precise. How he kept it a secret? She'll never know. Chances and coincidences, days missed and hours flown by. Almost missed him she did, had it not been but for one text.
Day she doesn't go, day he shows up; day plans were made instead, day she sees his furry head.
Texts and squeals, urging and quarreling, hugging and eating, yet sadly leaving. 

"...its only been a week,
But I know that you are mine to keep..."