Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Can you hear my heart beating like a hammer? "

He called their mutual Friend today, gave them some good news. She giggled and smiled, threw herself over that white couch. Once the longing had passed, she spoke... of him. So happy was she for him, so "wow." She loved that they had them as their mutual close friends, that they're "both on the same page about them." The Friend said 'he still likes you,' to her. She wondered giddily how The Friend could possibly know, did The Friend ask? *Happy worrying ensues*
Today she mentioned she dreams of him often, right before waking up. "Makes it hard to get up," she explained, "makes me want to stay in bed and keep on dreaming [about him]." Says she dreams about a lot of the things she worries about...guess that's why she dreams about him so often. 

"...I think about you nightly, 
Can you tell I'm losing sleep?..." 

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